Right now, the only animals we’ve got on the farm is our precious dog Gialla and our two new heifers, Patsy and Loretta. But we are looking to add more to our menagerie, albeit slowly.  There’s a huge learning curve involved here and we want to do it right, even though pretty much every single family member/friend/acquaintance/everyday Joe on the street has told us we better get some animals before they come to visit OR ELSE!

Calf Barn

The Calf Barn, where we are currently thinking of keeping our smaller animals.


First up on our list, Chickens!  Our first major exterior construction project will be to remodel the existing chicken coop. These are some lovely ladies that we’re thinking of starting out with:


We’re (actually Michelle is) hoping that our second farm animal purchase will be some miniature donkeys. These are the beautiful little creatures that initially sparked Michelle’s dream of living on a hobby farm. Known for their loving and hilarious personalities, many people ask us what we are going to do with them.  Do? Hang out, of course. The same as you would with a cat or a dog. We’re not looking to put anything to work. And how can you resist this cuteness?


Anthony has been going back and forth about which animals he’s interested in having on the farm. Sheep? Pigs? Goats? Right now, goats are what he’s leaning towards. We’ve read that they are the most fun to watch, play with and that they are little sweetie pies who will help out with mowing the lawn. We also know that they are mastermind escape artists. So as long as we can figure out how to best contain them, they might be the perfect addition to our place.


Once spring rolls around, we will have a better idea of who and what will be the best fit for us and our farm, as well as when they should join us. Our petting zoo will be in full effect in no time!