Patsy & Loretta

Loretta (on the left) and Patsy came to Lucky Break Acres 9 November 2015. These heifers are the new stars of our show. Technically they are Angus, a beef cattle breed, and will be here to breed other Angus cattle. Patsy is technically known as a “Black Baldy” because she is Black Angus and Hereford.  We bought them from a wonderful man from Johnson Creek, WI, who also breeds and raises beef cattle. These girls are our first foray into farm animal ownership.

Patsy and Loretta were both artificially seminated last summer, it worked for Patsy and did not for Loretta. Right now we are anticipating a mid-April due date for Patsy’s first calf and although we have a hunch about Loretta, we are still waiting to find out whether or not she is knocked up after spending the rest of the year with Barney the bull and his bull friends.