The bright idea of owning a small hobby farm actually belongs to me. An interior designer by trade, I was left unfulfilled by my job. I wanted something more, something ELSE aside from working nonstop. When Anthony and I began discussing retirement and where we would end up, we finally agreed upon the Midwest. I had one condition – either live in the city, preferably downtown Chicago, or on a farm. I wanted a complete life change, not to move from one suburb to another. Anthony completely rejected the city living idea, probably based upon the fact that he couldn’t have his fishing boat in close proximity at all times. After many nights months of pleading my case to Anthony, the idea began to catch on.  I showed him books about chickens, pictures of adorable miniature Sicilian donkeys and explained the benefits of having a lot of land to live on. (All cops love the idea of no one being around them, usually a result of years of dealing with so many difficult and horrible people.) And it all worked.

I hope to grow a cutting garden, preserve and bake to my heart’s content, raise many different farm animals, redesign our farmhouse and document every single minute of it.