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Wisconsin Welcomes You

We did it. We are living “the dream”. After farm shopping for a year and a half on our third trip to Wisconsin in January of 2014, we saw this farm on a For Sale By Owner website. Borderline despondent and running out of time, we called the owners and asked if we could stop by and take a look. Three hours later, we had been given a history lesson and extensive tour of the property and we were


Once we were back home in Las Vegas we put in an offer, began negotiating and then decided maybe it wasn’t right for us. The price wasn’t quite where we needed it to be, the timing was a bit off and we needed to sell our house to feel more comfortable with everything in general.  We let the owners know that it wasn’t going to work out and wished them the best. Three months passed and we sold our house in Las Vegas. My interior design business got incredibly busy. We bought a new house, to be built and ready in November. We decided on a five year plan – we would work for five more years in Las Vegas and then we would reassess and possibly buy a lake house or a vacation home of some sort in Wisconsin. We were told that the farm had another offer and it had been accepted. In September, Anthony told me that he had talked to Wayne and Laura (the former owners) and that the farm was available again. I wondered why Anthony was still speaking with them (they were really nice people, he said, they liked to fish) and then asked him if he was crazy. What about the new house? What about my business?  What about the five year plan? And then my Mom talked some sense into me. She asked me, “Isn’t this your dream? If this is your dream and you can have it now, why wouldn’t you go for it? Why would you wait five more years? Life is too short. DO IT NOW!” So yes, the rest is history. We still can’t believe that it’s ours. We get to live the life that we thought would probably never happen. We caught our lucky break. More about Anthony More about Michelle