Patsy came to Lucky Break Acres in November 2015. She was a Black Angus, a beef cattle breed, and was a permanent member of our herd. Patsy was technically known as a “Black Baldy” because she was a mix of Black Angus and Hereford  cattle, thus explaining the white marks on her face and body.  We bought both Patsy and Loretta from a wonderful man in Johnson Creek, Wisconsin, who also breeds and raises beef cattle. Patsy and her cousin Loretta were our first foray into farm animal ownership.

Patsy was the boss of the herd. She ate before everyone else, faster than everyone else and was down to push anyone and anything out of her way. Patsy calved for the first time in April of 2017, giving birth to Dolly. She was a beautiful mother and our herd’s fearless leader.

Sadly, we lost Patsy in March of this year for reasons unknown to us. She was three weeks from her due date and her calf was lost as well. Patsy will always hold a special place in our hearts as the first boss of our farm. We miss her terribly.