1 Year Anniversary

Today marks our one year anniversary of living in Wisconsin. It's gone by in a flash and I know that sounds so predictable, but today when I sat and thought about everything we've experienced, the work we've done on the house and all of the people we've met, I really can't believe it! We moved in and two days later it snowed like crazy. snowing in elkhorn We met some fabulous people who have been so good to us for no reason other than they are nice and know we are the newbies.
new friends wisconsin This picture is terrible, but it's the only one I've got!
We remodeled some rooms. We painted. And painted. And are still painting. office lucky break acrespainting lucky break acres basement lucky break acres lucky break acres nook lucky break acres remodel Anthony got to spend Christmas with his extended family in Chicagoland for the first time in 35 years. Lucky Break Acres in Chicago We spent so much more time with some of our lifelong friends. friends at lucky break acres owen Lucky Break Acres chuck and gigi lucky break acres We lost our little Priscilla, but were happy that she got to be here even if for just a bit. Priscilla Lucky Break Acres We had lots of visitors. We made most of them stand by our giant tree, just to look up at it and grasp its enormity. mom visiting lucky break acres cathy visiting lucky break acres val lucky break acres vernie lucky break acres las vegas lucky break acres mom and uncle walt lucky break acres giant tree lucky break acres We watched cows in our pasture, brand new calves with their mothers and listened to them mooing while in our bed at night. cows lucky break acres new calf lucky break acres We watched Gialla turn into a farm dog, meet some cows and run around like a maniac. IMG_5753 IMG_1909 gigi cows lucky break acres We picked strawberries and dandelions, made a few attempts at canning and fell in love with all of the flowers at our place. berry picking lucky break acres strawberries lucky break acres IMG_3551 lucky break acres flowers IMG_3751lucky break peoniesflowers lucky break acresIMG_4272 flowers lucky break acresWe experienced all four seasons. We bought eggs and sweet corn from our neighbors. We went to an alpaca shearing. lucky break acres spring spring lucky break acres fall lucky break acres gigi fall lucky break acres fresh eggs lucky break acres alpaca shearing lucky break acres We planted flowers, fruit trees and actually grew our very own apples. lucky break acres orchard We sat on our front deck and watched the fireflies, had cocktails with friends and played Uno. front deck lucky break acres We went to flea markets, dairy breakfasts, beekeeper club meetings and fish fries. And to fairs, auctions, antique stores, farmers markets and bluegrass festivals. fish fry lucky break acres dairy breakfast elkhorn wi wisconsin state fair flea market lucky break acres We tested the waters on Delavan and Lauderdale Lakes. Anthony finally got his own fishing boat. anthony's boat lucky break acres delavan lake lucky break acres gigi delavan lake lauderdale lucky break acresAnthony found a few softball teams to play on. And broke his nose. anthony broken nose We started working on some of the outbuildings. We are still procrastinating working on those. anthony chicken coop We started numerous projects. We are still working on numerous projects. We probably always will be. cow pics lucky break acres cow hook project We got our first real farm animals. Patsy and Loretta We still get weird looks when we tell people that we moved here from Las Vegas. "Why would you move HERE?" "Have you ever been through a winter?" But you can look at all of these pictures and I know I don't have to explain why we live here. Not one bit. we love wisconsin
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