Cow Bathroom

There are a lot of rooms that we've tackled in our house that I like to call the "in-the- meantime" projects. As in - the rooms I really couldn't wait to change but instead have to do other stuff before I can even think about addressing them. The cow bathroom is one of those rooms. This little bathroom is in what we call our mother-in-law's quarters. At one time the farm manager and his family lived in this space. It has two small rooms and a very, I mean VERY small bathroom. This bathroom is also just outside our Master Bedroom and we use it when we have other guests staying with us, freeing up their bathroom a bit more. It's the perfect size for me since I'm such a shortie. It's not the perfect size for Anthony - he really has to be careful not to hit his head on the ceiling. Even I have to be careful of that, if that tells you anything. I only have a few photos of what it looked like before I spruced it up a bit. cow bathroom before 1 cow bathroom before 2 cow bathroom before 3 Here's what it looks like now: cow bathroom after 1 I can't change the floor right now, so I just put a small rug down. When we figure out what we're going to do with this entire space, we will address the floor then. cow bathroom after 3 I was becoming a little bit bored with just painting everything. In light of our new additions, I was inspired by these cow decals. So I put a fresh coat of paint on the walls and the trim, then put the cow decals up. cow bathroom after 4 I bought a new mirror and spray painted the switch plates and vanity light. I had the hooks and towel hook left over from some old design projects so I threw those up there as well. cow bathroom after 5 Before we left Las Vegas, I picked up these small animal canvases. I thought they would be great somewhere in our new house, I just wasn't sure where. They fit perfectly in here. I love this little bathroom so much more now. It was always a cute and quirky space, now even more so!
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