Cow Selfies

If you don't like cows, chances are you won't be too thrilled with this post. But like any new parents, we take an embarrassing amount of photos and videos of our girls. And now it's our job to torture you with some cow selfies! Loretta in the barn We were out in the barn with the girls a few days ago and spent some quality time with them. Loretta got close, a little TOO close, but I still loved it. They like to hang with us for about seven minutes, then it's back to eating some more hay/corn/all of the above. anthony selfie with patsy patsy close up lucky break acres Patsy up close Patsy and Anthony Patsy eating Anthony's hat Lucky break acres heifer First Loretta and chelle Yuck chelle and loretta Loretta's neck Anthony outside with Loretta Patsy REALLY gets into her food. This actually isn't cool that she is doing this, but it made for a great photo op. Patsy eating Patsy caught in the act Busted!
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