The mudroom is another one of my "in the meantime" projects. Once we finished remodeling the kitchen, it was hard for me to just let the mudroom be. It's the room that you have to walk through to get to the kitchen. I decided to paint it, change out the light fixture and add wallcovering to the ceiling. Here are some before pics. mudroom-before-1 mudroom-before-2 mudroom-before-3 mudroom-before-4 Some during photos
Painting-mudroom Gigi is always a great assistant
paint-mudroom before-doorknob I've been slowly spray painting all of our doorknobs in the house. It's not in the budget right now to change everything out, so this is another temporary fix. It's a pretty dramatic difference, don't you think? after-doorknob While I'm always in the market for a light fixture that is vintage or antique, I have a really hard time finding reclaimed lighting for this place that isn't too industrial, too fancy or just plain boring. I found this one in a retail catalog and I think it's perfect! It kind of looks like we made it ourselves. mudroom-light-fixture My plan is to eventually remove the closet doors and create a seating and storage area inside the closet. This closet backs up to the garage that is attached to the house, so it is always below zero in there during the winter. We will have to add insulation and drywall over it. Here are a few of my inspiration pictures.
mud-room-inspiration-1 image
Mudroom-inspiration-2 image
image image
I also would love to add some shiplap to the walls in here. These walls take a beating since it's the main thoroughfare in the house, as well as Gigi's eating zone. I think an added layer of wood on the walls could help to minimize the abuse.
image image
You might remember these hooks that Anthony made last year Animal-coat-hooks This mirror was my Grandma Faithe's. I've painted it at least 4 times, it used to be the wall mirror over the sink in the Guest Bathroom of our last house. It's perfect here! It's always great to have a mirror by the door. I love to check myself out in my darling cow poop scooping outfits. mudroom-rug This is the third rug I've had in this space. The first one was too small and too utilitarian looking. The second one just didn't look right to me - it was more of a fat rectangle and again, looked like it belonged in a grocery store. This one is the best so far, the only bad thing about it is that we have to move it diagonally if we want to keep the mudroom door shut. Which is apparently the entire winter since it's been so incredibly cold the last few weeks. But I can live with that. mudroom-wallpaper The wallpaper is definitely my favorite part of this room. I picked it as a tribute to Anthony's fishing addiction hobby. I don't think he loves it as much as I do, but that's ok. He's a dude and it's wallpaper, I get it. mudroom-final This is the final, temporary product. It's something I can live with for a while.
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