Pantry Remodel

Since I have yet to post any after photos of our kitchen and pantry remodel, I thought I'd share photos of the pantry today. This room is definitely my favorite in the house, mostly because we moved the washer and dryer up from the basement. I also love the flooring and there are huge windows in the room that are perfect for watching thunderstorms and lightning bugs. Here are a few before photos to refresh your memory. All this room needed was a little bit of paint and it was completely transformed. The flooring and cabinetry were just a bonus. Pantry Before Pic Pantry Before pic 2 Pantry before pic Here are some photos during the remodeling process. We removed the wall sconces, changed out the ceiling light and had the beams whitewashed to match the ceiling in the kitchen. Anthony and Gialla worked on the flooring together when we were trying to figure out what we were going to spell out and how it was going to work. Flooring prep Pantry During Pantry Gigi and Anthony pantry new pantry flooring And here is the final product! We definitely needed this storage for all of the vases, ice buckets, canning jars and awkward appliances we have that I didn't want to see on the counter. And let's not even talk about the proliferation of corks we've got going on in there.pantry after photo Washer and Dryer pantry pantry after windows pantry photo wall pantry storage pantry microwave I chose black grout on the floors for two reasons; to make it look as if the floors have been here forever and also to hide dirt. This room gets a lot of abuse, I would rather not be worried about scrubbing white floor grout the rest of my life. pantry laundry area I started designing window treatments for this room, but decided to scrap them because I really like how open it feels in this room and I don't want to cover up any of the view outside the windows. Who needs privacy in the pantry? The sun that comes in is perfect for all of the herbs and plants I've started collecting as well.
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