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We are officially filmmakers and are ready to torture all of you with our debut film! A little over a month ago, Anthony got to help our neighbor Kevin with some of his chores, so he could take a little vacation. Kevin had some brand new calves and I think their extreme adorable-ness might have made the chores that much easier. How can you be cranky looking at those precious faces? You cannot.

I mentioned that these are only *some of Kevin’s chores; there are many other things involved in running this farm. Anthony and Kevin’s Dad (Pop) did the feeding and watering and shook a little straw. They didn’t do anything major like manure removal, crop tending (it is winter after all), or barn cleanup. But we thought it might be fun to share some of the things that go on at a farm like this. If we are into it, we know that you guys are bound to be.

10 comments on “Chores”

  1. He DID do a great job! This was the best way to start my workday! Those sweet lol faces though, all of them! I’m so incredibly happy for you you guys. Xo!

  2. I think that is absolutely amazing film and cast and characters are amazing also thank you so much

  3. OMG they are adorable. Good job Anthony, you are now a true farmer. I love how you affectionately talk to the calves. So cute. This is a terrific movie, especially for your first one.

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