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Plat Book Wisconsin Farmhouse

It is an incredible experience for us to be living in a house that was built in 1830. Wisconsin wasn’t a state yet, Andrew Jackson was president and Manifest Destiny was in full force. The main section of the house was built in 1830 according to all of the information we have and eventually pieces and parts were added on, including running water. The picture above is of our property in an 1873 plat book.  Below are more photos of our home throughout the years.

 Wisconsin Farmhouse

The farmhouse during the depression era

The woodwork throughout the main house. It was originally painted but has since been stripped down to the wood finish.



Wisconsin farmhouse

After siding and chimney were added

DiMauro Wisconsin Farmhouse

The farmhouse when we purchased it in 2014

When the home was turned over to us, the former owners graciously left two albums with photos of the home throughout the years, as well as two gorgeous shadow boxes documenting the same. If you are interested in learning more about the history of our farm, you can read more here: Edwards-Yurs Farm History   

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